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Arvind Prakashan House is at entering in its Golden Era. It was founded in the mid 50's of 20th century with a mission to provide quality books for school going children at a reasonable price. The credit of laying the foundation of this Publication House goes to late Prof. Shanker Lal Ji, a retired Judge and writer of various books on mathematics and astrology during pre independence period.

The responsibility to continue this noble social task after him, was taken by his son late Shri Shiv Dayalu Ji, an eminent writer and freedom fighter who wrote more than 50 books on various social aspects and hence proved himself as the Torch bearer for the most vital social sector.

Along with his wife Smt. Ramkali Devi, he actively participated in National Freedom Struggle and they were hand in hand with late Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, Dr. Sampurnanad, Smt Sucheta Kriplani etc.He was also the founder member of Gurukul Inter College, Dorli, Meerut and became an embodiment of education in Western Uttar Pradesh. He donated all of his wealth for the upliftment of the poor, kept nothing for himself and led life of a stoic.

After the death of Shri Shiv Dayalu Ji, his son Shri Ajay Kumar Mittal took the bridle of worshiping Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge and wisdom, and started the publication house, which is now known as ARVIND PRAKASHAN HOUSE of text books for school children keeping in view to make education possible to cater to the needs of the people belonging to lowest possible social strata.

With the passage of time, continuing the hereditary tradition, the command of the publication came in the hands of Shri Chandrakant Mittal,diligent, dynamic and worthy Managing Director, who not only extended its horizon but also gave new dimensions to the Publication according to the needs of modern changing scenario. Shri Kamalkant Mital, our dedicated Director also proved himself as a strong pillar to execute the mission of the publication house.

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