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6 Awesome Books For Gifting this Diwali
2015-11-07 06:01:58
By Admin

Sometimes, just before bed on the one magical Eve of the year, the perfect Diwali book can make for the perfect way to have excited children off into the land of sugar plums and fairies. But they are also great leading up to that special day, as well as the rest of December. Grab a cookie and read up!

Fascinating Folk Tales:

India is known to be the land of folklore, where stories have melted down generation after generation through the great oral tradition, which still lives on in greater measure.
Fascinating Folk Tales, a book gorgeously produced like a coffee table edition, is a book for all
ages to enjoy.
Besides the fascinating folk tales spanning the different regions of the country it is a
complete culture fair for the reader, with absorbing details of folk art styles to read, as well.
This collection of eleven fascinating folk tales presents flavors of eleven states of India, enumerating
specific cultural symbols, ethnicity and characteristics. The tales ring with the charm of storytelling, sentiment, humor, relationships and warmth.
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Faces In My Cupboard:

Like a refreshing gust of monsoon breeze, a mix of characters warm, sensitive, adventurous, inspiring and funny surface on the pages to delight with their stories. They are the faces which, apparently, emerge from the authors mind and experience creating a collection of character-oriented short stories.
These are realistic stories of believable characters, threatened by real life dramas, challenges, and duty.
The problems and complexes are varied and the role players ordinary, who find ready solutions through
their aspirations, exalting themselves as the heroes and heroines.
They deal with a variety of themes like a thought of losing a loved one, jealousy, rivalry, threat of poachers etc giving an insight into the Indian way of life, actions and attitudes. The characters come alive as real being to amuse and enchant.
The stories weave an authentic fabric of Indian milieu, complete with beliefs and behavior exposing the real Indian character, be it a poor artist, school children or old watchmaker. They come from well-to-do families or working class, the manner and speech reveal aspects, defining a culture which is entirely Indian
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Panna The Lonely Duckling:

Near a beautiful lake in a Himalayan village, Asha finds a duck’s egg left by the migratory ducks. She takes it home. A lovely duckling with a brilliant green neck hatches out from it. She names it Panna, meaning emerald.
The duckling remains lonely, as all the ducks have flown away.
The story lurks between the struggle to keep the lake clean so that the ducks could
return to the lake and the picnickers leaving the place dirty. Asha gets into action for
her Panna.
Could Asha succeed in her plans? Could Panna find its family?
There exist constant images of habitual pollution, impact of pollution and suggests
ways to combat pollution. The message can be, easily, absorbed by very young readers. The
suggestion weaves itself into the story which remains the story of a lonely duckling throughout and the duckling jumps out of the book as an adorable pet.
Pictures paint the word and the adorable duckling in vivacious colors. The background of the Himalayan scenery is soothing in soft hues of the colors of nature, where the Asha, Panna, and other characters lift the pages painted in dashing pastels. The total effect is comfortingly gorgeous.
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Gabbu's Trunk: Little Gabbu is an adorable little elephant with a long trunk. Accidentally, he steps
On his long trunk. Ow! Quickly he puts it in his mouth and sucked.‘Suck! Suck! Suck!
He liked it. His eyes shone and ears glowed. He began to get funny ideas.
He wanted to tickle and tease.’ Thus begin a series on naughty happenings, tantrums of Gabbu’s brother Dumdum and admonishing from elders. The story leads to the marriage party of parrots, band, dancing and more trouble. There is fun, frolic, and terror from fire. But Little Gabbu emerges a
winner, his mother's delight.

A mixture of action, amusement and amity delivers Gabbu as a joyful pet to the young reader. Gabbu charms with light-hearted mischief and humor. At the same time, it finds its place in the heart of the reader. The language is as simple as the tale, the situations electrifying and the locale exotic where a variety of animals bear, monkey, parrots and jackal add to the excitement.

The success of a picture book depends upon the artists genius, style, and masterstrokes. Only a competent illustrator lends imaginative heights to words. This book is a dream for children.

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The Road to Peace:

Twenty two challenging pathways to peace and friendship.. the way is daunting through thorny terrain that traverses time, people and places, but the goal is always the same PEACE.

On this road to peace meet little Guido who awaits the Golden Palki excitedly, the murderous Jugal Ghosh who has a change of heart and Lobsang and Norbu who catch the mystical blackbuck and find a friend.. Amber and Vir make a solemn promise, while it's never too late to say sorry for Colonel Prakash. Bloody Wars, Peace meets, Quarreling parents, Riots and Kite flying – a colorful mosaic of stories written by eminent writers for children
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Tales for Tiny Tots:

Tales for Tiny Tots is a set of two story books. The books, as the name
Suggests, are meant exclusively for those who are in their nascent stage of reading. It is a collection of forty-four very short stories. Each story is of about 40 to 50 words and is supplemented with a fascinating illustration.
Besides colorful and amusing animals, even the common items and objects which a child encounters in his daily life, take the shape of the various characters of the stories.

Who would ever think that children's Diwali Holiday books could feature a duck? But indeed they can, as demonstrated by Ira Saxena And why not? A unique take on the holiday spirit, Radical Books also does the illustrations, which will give children hours of fun, from big duck faces to the completely different setting in the desert and no snow. It would be no surprise if this became a tale read every year, multiple times.
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